City of San Francisco

Is San Francisco In Silicon Valley?

We’ve all heard of the infamous Silicon Valley in California. A place where technology giants produce the most cutting-edge products and innovations. When people hear Silicon Valley, they immediately think of the Bay Area and … Read more

Dark plane over runway

Where Is Travis Air Force Base Located?

Known as the “Gateway to the Pacific,” Travis Air Force Base is among the busiest military airports in the United States. First opened in 1943 and originally named the Fairfield-Suisun Army Air Base, it played … Read more

City skyline from top of hill

Does San Francisco Get A Lot Of Earthquakes?

One of the first things people ask when you tell them you live in San Francisco is, “Aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?” Maybe this is because throughout the years, earthquakes and San Francisco have become … Read more

Sea lions on piers

Is San Francisco Expensive For Tourists?

To say San Francisco is a popular tourist destination would be a vast understatement. According to statistics released by The San Francisco Travel Association in early 2020, 26.2 million tourists visited San Francisco in 2019, … Read more

Great White shark

Are There Sharks In San Francisco Bay?

One of the San Francisco Bay myths is that its waters are teeming with dangerous, man-eating sharks, which makes swimming, surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding risky propositions. Don’t fall overboard during that catamaran ride on the … Read more

Looking down street at city skyline

Is It Hard To Drive In San Francisco?

Driving in any metropolitan area can be challenging, but San Francisco has its own set of unique difficulties that put driving skills (and driver patience) to the test. With its dizzying hills, puzzling one-way streets, … Read more

San Francisco peninsula

Is San Francisco An Island Or A Peninsula?

Many visitors think that San Francisco is the entire Bay Area, and vice versa. In fact, many visitors believe San Francisco is on an island, which is understandable since it’s surrounded by water on three … Read more

Chocolate candy bars

Is Ghirardelli Chocolate Made in San Francisco?

Amongst its many allures, San Francisco has a well-deserved reputation as a foodies’ paradise. The city even has its signature foods, culinary delights like Cioppino, Irish coffee, Dungeness crab, and the world-famous clam chowder in … Read more

Angel Island Sign

How Do You Get Around On Angel Island?

Of San Francisco’s two island attractions, Angel Island might not get the same crowds as nearby Alcatraz, but in many ways, it offers visitors a more complete experience. The approximately 200,000 people who visit Angel … Read more